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Making a perfect country

Long ago(well, not that long), I personally wrote a book on the benefits of monarchy, I scrapped this book after I realized that 348 pages of boring text would never sell, even as an ebook. But, I will share three fundamental points I have established as being very beneficial to creating a successful country, with a global reach. Now let us start off with the first point. Economy:As you may know,  in paternally autocratic country, there is a middle class , mostly comprised of land owning farmers and craftsmen. The men above them would be lords, or the upper non-noble class, usually deploying middle class workers as craftsmen or farmers.Putting a now archaic concept into retrospect, imagine you (the reader) regardless of your economic status as a middle class craftsman. In todays world this could be a computer programmer,  a construction worker, a farmer, a cable repairman, or even a car mechanic.What...
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