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Muhammad Morsi ousted, Muslim brotherhood arrested

When we spoke last about the demand by all Egyptian commoners to oust Muhhammed Morsi, the now former leader of the Egyptian government, we told you this would be " something to keep an eye on". Today we speak for a changed Egypt. Morsi was taken down from power by a democratic military , most high ranking members of the dangerous Muslim brotherhood have been arrested, and Egypt is now commanded by a high-ranking judge, age 83 to be exact. It appears that the efforts of the people of Egypt to rectify their wrongs during that failed uprising which partnered with the death of a United States senator overseas has finally turned "full moon". Egypt is now a more democratic nation , as it has been liberated from Morsi and his supporters. Egyptians will no longer live in fear , there might no longer be silencing of people that are "outspoken" ,...
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