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Moses Sithole

You think of murderer, and you probably think of jack the ripper or some perverted man that ended up making children into pies. But you probably never once hear the name Moses Sithole, and perhaps that is a good thing. Back in the day, South Africa was run by a British held apartheid government. This government made South Africa the richest country in all of africa, but accordingly the class system was racist, favoring white minorities over the 99% African indigenous. Among the indigenous, there lived a man (last name Sithole) who was an abusive father, he even kicked his infant son, Moses, like a ball when he was only one year old. Sithole SR decided to walk out on the family, and he was never heard from again. His son, Moses Sithole, grew up in the slums of South Africa with his brothers. His mother would later abandon him, calling...
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