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Female vigilante chases down kidnapper

A mother was out for a stroll at a local park in Albuquerque, NM early today. Unfortunately, she took her eyes off her child for less than one single minute, and her child was kidnapped.As oppose to what the average person would do, this clearly dedicated mother took things into her own hands. Thats right! She sped right after the alleged kidnapper!The chase ended when the mother allegedly crashed her car into the kidnapper's car. The kidnapper then took off on foot, official word does not disclose the condition of the child, or if the child was even located in the car. Perhaps the kidnapper took her with him?Anyways, the kidnapper ran as fast as he could into the surrounding woods. Police have set up a five hundred yard perimeter, and are using every man they can spare, and many dogs as well.The kidnapper is alleged to have conducted an earlier...
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