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Cleansing BurnOn Social Media

After careful consideration , we have decided that BurnOn could use a second chance. We would be ashamed to see its capabilities wasted. So lets just share a few of them while we delete thousands of spam blog posts and accounts.   1) You can create your own personalized profile, with your own pictures, background, wall, and much much more. 2) You can use BurnOn's dating capabilities to find someone special. We know this is a longshot with all the dating sites now available, but anything could happen! 3) You can utilize our video sharing portion to share videos with your friends, and the entire community!, Try it, you might learn to love it! 4) Share photos with anyone, yes no need for something like deviantart or flickr, you can now share pictures you create with your friends and the community! 5) GOUPS! You can create and manage groups, much like...
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