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Australian oldman's carjacking scheme foiled

Old man arrested for jacking In a very normal event *sigh* , an old man has been arrested for jacking it, no no no no! He was not doing the kony thing , no no. Much rather, this old man was jacking a car. In the middle of the day, in the outskirts of an Australian town , a 22 year old girl was driving about, doing her typical errands. Suddenly, as she was getting near a shopping center, a 64 year old raisin takes out a large knife and puts it to her throat. Being the wimp she was, the woman fled. Authorities arrived at the scene minutes later , only to find grandpa putting his walker and shopping bags in the trunk of the car. Busted ! Grandpa will now be serving a short sentence in prison for grand theft auto and threatening a life with a weapon.
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