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Top 20 medal counts (by country) as of 08/02/2012

 So as you can see, the USA has steadily increased in the quantity of medals, now beating china by 3 total,Japan clings for third for the second day as Germany now goes ahead of France for fourth place, tied with the new competitor in town: Russia. France is then solidly in 6th with 16, the UK is catching up with 15, followed by South Korea,Italy, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania, North Korea, Hungary, Brazil , Mexico, Kazakhstan, and South Africa in that order, a ton of other countries have some medals, but we want you to see the statistics in a "number perspective" so we omitted 21-x. We are excited to see how this will all play out, but China and the USA seem to be dominating the first two places, as they did four years earlier in Beijing.
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