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Help! My Cat Just Died! What Can I Do?

Help! My Cat Just Died! What Can I Do?
Well, you probably just experienced the most painful thing imaginable: your dear old kitty died. But you can’t blame anything because your cat has faced dangers such as cars, coyotes, humans, diseases, viruses, trees, bears maybe even a falling tree or two. But now your cat is dead there is no way to bring it back. So what can you do? Is getting a new cat going to solve the problem? Can your best friend really be replaced?Well, luckily these a days you can simply re-motorize your cat into a cyborg! Yes, all you have to do is taxidermy (that’s actually the verb form) it and replace its guts and innards with wires and motors! Yes, you can create a genuine cyborg from your cat, heck you should probably keep the brain and freeze it for future use (when we can revive it). After all, science is progressing and eventually you...
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