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Former director of the CIA resigns amid scandal

David Petraeus, war hero, leader of the CIA, and all American bad-ass has decided to resign amid talks of a scandal involving one of his cohorts. Unfortunately, it was due to Patraeus that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have turned from all out domination to changing power over to local leaders.As such, we are not sure what might happen since he already resigned. Patraeus was a firm believer in giving power to the local militaries with the intent to crush Taliban and other terrorist groups. Relying heavily on sending weapons and vehicles to local allied forces would pull our men out as fast as possible. Transferring power to the locals is the last logical thing we can do anyways (since we seem to have given them a bit of order).Without Patraeus, we are not too sure what might happen. We hope his replacement will follow in his footsteps, we are...
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