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How The Peace Sign Is Embedded In War

How The Peace Sign Is Embedded In War
The peace sign is really represented in two distinct fashions. The first is the actual sign, rooted in pagan practice and roman polytheistic doctrine.The original peace sign lacked the circle around it. It was called a "Nero's cross" and would often be used by Roman Legionnaires as brooches or insignias on their shields to show their enemies that resistance was futile and anyone that resisted would be crucified. This was literally the case in many famous and documented excursions into Judea. There, Christ was crucified by soldiers of the Nero cross. So how did something rooted in such violence become a peace sign? Well… that we can’t tell you for sure.Nero's CrossLet’s move on to the second image that we can immediately recognize as a symbol of peace. After all, aren't symbols worth a million words?The second symbol that comes to mind is definitely the V shape with the pointer and...
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