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Another pirate attack off the coast of Belawan, Indonesia results in more chemicals being stolen

pirates steal pesticidesAfter the first reported pirate attack off the coast of Belawan, Indonesia, resulting in the thievery of many pounds of coal, another , more shocking attack has taken place. Armed men boarded an anchored bulk carrier. There were two security personnel on-board. The men allegedly gagged, beat and killed the security personnel.The pirates then went to the stowage decks below, plundered everything in sight, and made off with thousands of pounds of pesticides. The attack is further being investigated by port authorities a this time.No security footage has been present at the current investigation , primarily because this carrier lacked a security system. This is the second time this year pirates have made it out of a storage ship , looting dangerous chemicals. The first incident took place just four months ago , where "pirates stole chemicals used in bomb making".Indonesian port authorities have taken notice of this event and...
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