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Top 5 error messages that made history

Top 5 error messages that made history
In our time, we have seen many crazy things. Some of these crazy things are created to scare people (especially when it comes to error messages). Most often, these are viruses that force people to buy a product or give away some sort of information. Here are the top 5 that made history.This message first came out in 2004 and would cause you to buy history clearing software to fix it. But honestly, who doesn’t love the penguin?This error message came out in 2008 as a joke. It was actually deemed a harmless worm, but it came at a sensitive time. It would have been worse if it said “you’ve got mail”.This error was actually a clever ruse by a flash game company to get traffic to their website. Clicking "ok" got you to the website, but it certainly seemed more intimidating.This was one of those blatant troll popups. There was...
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