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Yeats "To Ireland In The Coming Times"

            In William Butler Yeats’s poem “To Ireland In The Coming Times”, Yeats conveys a theme of turning away from foreign principles as the only means to save an oppressed Ireland. In the depths of the first stanza, the first stage of Ireland’s creation and culture is used to allude to a unified Ireland under the banners of a common religion and history. The second stanza refers to Yeats’s opinion of himself as a nationalist, urging others to join him in the present to revive ancient principles. The second stanza also seems to sink into chaos compared with the first. The final stanza is almost a post mortem statement warning future readers of what will happen if the separation and belligerence amongst the Irish continues: Yeats’s dreams of a unified independent Ireland will die. Throughout the poem , there is almost a chronology of events in a domino effect , from...
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