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Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi sent poision

senator roger wickerSenator Roger Wicker of Mississippi got a ton of (what he perceived) to be "fan-mail". At the end of the note, there was a small notice stating "the letters have been poisoned".Naturally, the senator handed the letters over to the authorities, which after careful testing, had revealed the presence of  ricin , a nuerotoxin. The senator is now on "high alert protection" from outside sources and everything is being investigated at a normal pace.If you want to know about ricin, it is a highly potent toxin that affect the human system diversely. First, much like other nueropoisons, it can halt or alltogether stop functionality of reception between nerves and the brain, causing numbness and paralysis.But ricin does something far worse, it blocks the human body's ability to form protein. As such, upon initial ingestion , there are no affects. But over time, the compromised areas afflicted will bubble up,...
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