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The Dental Procedure That Can Kill You

The Dental Procedure That Can Kill You
The longtime fear of most children might come to realization. That’s right, getting your teeth drilled can actually be deadly! There is a positive correlation associated by the common procedure known as a “root canal” and the onset of various diseases including cancer.Scientific data backed by prominent professor Weston Price (PHD) indicated that (after six years of clinical trials on humans), there is no safe way to perform a root canal. Dr. Weston Price concluded that through killing the nerve which connects the tooth to the gum and simultaneously destroying the blood vessels which root into the tooth (like tree roots) , the body has no ability to combat any bacteria which may find haven between the dead tooth and the nutrient-rich gums. In essence, by performing a root canal, the person is subjecting their body to a host of bacteria which can feed on proteins, carbohydrates and lipids both consumed...
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