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Royally free cheezy pron music

Here, I created this piece of "pron style" music a few months ago. After a few complaints from people that hated my use of third party download centers, I have decided to post and host the file myself on this website. The rules are as follows: Don't market/ distribute this piece as your own   You have no right to sell the piece yourself, but feel free to use it in commercial projects   Please try to tribute me some credit, just give "Ferdinand Ivanov" a small credit outline in your project way at the end in 1 px font :( -- this is not necessary but it would make me happy. And soon, I will add more royally free music (which sounds nicer) -- if I have any spare time to screw around :P :( :D Download this piece here: " Cheezy Music " - the file is roughly 4mb
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