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Postal service to cut sunday

The United States Postal Service has been hit hard by the advent of technology, such as text messaging, email , epostcards and most of all , those "green" ebills we all love so much. As a result they have struggled like crazy to make quota, and each year it just goes downhill.An answer to this deficit has been established, an unpopular one, but a solution nonetheless. This solution calls for the eradication of delivery on Saturdays, which has been a post delivery day since the advent of this country. Sunday is properly given off in observance of church service, if you are religious. no more mail on SundaysThis is quite unpopular with older people, and especially the postal workers that are getting their hours cut. Although very unpopular with most, it might be the only way to preserve the existence of the us postal service, remember, UPS trucks bring you all...
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