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Famous Rapper “Mac Miller” Found Dead at 26

Rapper Mac Miller has been found dead at only 26 years of age --as indicated by his lawyer David Byrnes. A very young age for any star to die.According to local authorities, Miller "was discovered lethargic in his Los Angeles home”. "As of now, a dissection is pending and a reason for death has not been resolved." Through the dissection (autopsy), a likely culprit responsible for the fatality will be discovered. Speculations have risen about potential substances found in the home that may have contributed to this unfortunate event.The Los Angeles Police Office raided a home in the 11600 square of Valleycrest Street around 11:50 a.m. for a demise examination, an officer representative explained. According to second hand sources, Mill's passing was first announced to the public by tabloid media giant TMZ.The family discharged an announcement claiming Miller was a "brilliant light in this world for his family, companions and fans"...
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We have been away for a while

We are very sorry , life has really gotten the best of us. We barely have time to write anymore :( But anyways, we are always looking and plotting to add fresh content! Stick around, we will make a comeback soon! :) me gusta yum yum
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