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Lord Cthulhu Spared Us

Fellow friends, followers and so on, we are excited to tell you that lord Cthulhu has spared our lives today. The apocalypse is over, it did not happen because we were kind to his majesty, and very few of us don't know how not to pronounce his name, right?Well today we are happy to announce that in Cthulhu's graceful honor (and Mr. Christ) , we will be bringing back the facebook style chat, adding more games, and videos. We also want you to note, our forum now "blends" better with the website, don't you agree?Furthermore, chat comments (which you have to log in to use) have implemented a click-able username, which will link back to your profile. We also added baby Cthulhu, to tell you what to do. What else now? Ah yes, we reorganized the right side bar to make it more user-friendly. We are also excited about what we will do...
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