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Giant Marine Isopod

What happens when you mix all of your nightmares together? Darkness , depth , spiders, lobster, claws , teeth and eating decomposing bodies? You get a giant marine isopod, perhaps the cutest (eghem) animal in the universe. This Marine Giant Isopod is enormous, about the size of a housecat to be exact. It dines solely on decaying flesh, although with those nasty looking claws, perhaps being  a more active predator is not above it's morales. Giant Marine Isopod The giant marine isopod is closely related to shrimps , lobsters and prawns. Believe it or not, its pillbug appearance is exactly like such because the common pillbug is a land isopod (the same thing but miniature). The giant marine isopod is only slightly related to the crab, which also means that they are slightly related to some extent to spiders , which are closely related to horseshoe crabs and regular crabs (...
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