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Selling Beauty Product To Men

Selling Beauty Product To Men
When considering the use of “beauty products” on males, many actions and products are still relatively taboo. For example, it is relatively not considered culturally acceptable for men to wear make-up (however it was acceptable in the 1700s). In these changing times, men are finding more of an opportunity to engage in the use of beauty products (outside of the increasingly expanding homosexual community). When opportunity looms, intelligent entrepreneurs are always there to feast upon these helpless victims. After all, we can often determine trends based on consumers’ buying habits; can we not? Using two separate factors; we can stereotype the type of man that is probably most apt to consume these beauty products. Through these stereotypes, we can create an image of a helpless bait on a reel for these power mongering sharks (product retailers) to feast upon. The first factor we can put into perspective is the demography of...
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