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NASA captures a beautiful solar storm in pictures

NASA , through constant observation of our beloved sun , has captured some breathtaking photos of a solar storm , or flare. A solar flare is a burst of energy , in extreme measures of joules , which is exploded away from the source, in this case the sun. These are often caused by natural gravitational disruptions , which cause an unbalance in the seemingly perfect flow of hydrogen , which in turn excites the smoldering gas, causing it to break apart and spew wildly in any direction. solar flare capturedBecause solar flares are pretty much separations of hydrogen atoms, they release immense amounts of radiation in whichever direction the flare hits. Luckily, our atmosphere acts as a "barrier" , causing all radiation to spherically glide over our planet, keeping us from being incinerated every time our sun has one of these "flare-ups". solar flareImage credits: NASA
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