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Weird but true, the song of suicide

In 1933, following the collapse of the great imperial and royal Austria-Hungarian empire, the world was a changed place, especially Hungary. Hungary had become a paradox of a country, as it was not allowed to have a regent, it was still called "the kingdom of Hungary" , a kingdom without a king, the people lamented at the loss of their once great country.In face of being stripped to only the Hungarian borders, most of Hungary was ceded to the new Czech republic, Poland and Romania. Unity with the twin fatherland, Austria was prohibited. For this very reason, Hungary which was the economical center of Austria Hungary (Austria being the technological and military portion of the great empire) , had completely collapsed. It had suffered an even worse fate under the great depression than the twin fatherland.As fate would have it, the battered remnants of a once great country had reached the...
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