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Squirrels start house fire, man vows extermination

Man vows to shoot them allIn the medium sized town of Rumford, England , something rather odd occurred. A squirrel fell into a opened gas casket on the side of a petrol operated cremation chamber , causing a fire.This couldn't have come at a better time, there was a precession occurring inside the building. The fire interrupted the funeral, and forced a quick end for fear of damage by fire that could have possibly killed everyone in the building.But one man couldn't take it anymore , 73 year old Alby Tebbutt vowed vengeance. Now, this man stated "I will shoot them all " , got his gun and went out on a shooting spree. He bagged a few, but luckily we hear he is a poor shot.Those poor squirrels, they will all be pwned , just because one old man couldn't stand to allow such an over powered animal to exist.
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