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Syrian suicide bomber kills 80

A suicide bomber working for the "liberation army" of suicide bombers, fighting against the "evil government" of Syria has killed thirty men and fifty bystanders today. This is just another of what appears to be "the most affective" method of forcing the current president of Syria to step down.So, as you can now see, these peaceful people wage a peaceful protest against a power mongering demagogue, whom has spoken for the first time in six months today, stating "we will not negotiate with terrorists". This is very very bad, because this man is so evil that he is quoting president GW bush, how shocking. Another day of peaceful protests in SyriaHonestly people, grow the F*** up, the press has brainwashed you into thinking that the opposition is actually a body of civilian figures, all looking for a peaceful end to a now prolonged civil war. We should neither sympathize with these...
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