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The Hobbit Review

When we initially heard that another movie would be added to the Tolkien series, we jumped in excitement (source: new lord of the rings movie). In fact, we expected this to be a huge success, so we even spent an extra 4$ to see the 3-D version. The hobbit - an unexpected journey Let us share a bit about the story: The story begins with the old Bilbo, whom we see in every other lord of the rings movie, writing a letter to Frodo. We are indeed confirming that Frodo does get a few seconds of fame at the beginning of the movie. After that opening little scene , which lasts about 12 minutes, we go back in time, as Bilbo ponders about his "great adventure" 60 years ago. This, of course, then leads to the title being displayed, and thus, the main story is initiated. So, much like the first "lord...
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