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Age Of War 2

Age of war was an innovative game when it first came out. It gave birth to the concept of "evolution" games that would later follow. It's really actually fun , enjoy it while it lasts :)Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy's. All the controls are the mouse.You can also play the first age of war (and the best :) Right here : Age Of War 1

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Our newest logo

Ok our dear readers let's see what our new logo for 2012 will be (note all are trademarked).In the first half of 2012, our logo looked like this: 2012a The Order Of The Iron PhoenixIn the second half of 2012, we decided to go smaller and more simple, so we got this 2012 b  The Order Of The Iron PhoenixNow what you have all been waiting for , our newest logo for 2013 has now arrived! And it's right here! : The Order Of The Iron PhoenixMaybe it got a bit distorted there, but it looks great on a black background, as we designed. Cheers and we hope to see you here often!

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Spam will never be allowed to roam freely on The Order Of The Iron Phoenix for as long as we live!

Dear spammers, promoting your garbage on our website has caused us to be labeled as a "blacklisted" website by google. This means any internal or outbound links will be considered links to spam sites, we congratulate you, way to get your pagerang back to 0! But in the process, you ignorant seo noobs took us with you.  Thanks to you, google has dropped all of our seo work to a state of purgatory (PR-0). We hope you are happy, starting with BurnOn, all of your sad accounts will be banished, your ips's blocked. There is nothing you can do to stop us, your backlinks will be gone forever. We are a clean site, we do not tolerate links to pornographic content and will not allow promotion of your garbage unless you pay us, have you idiots heard of adwords?  We will also dedicate ourselves to eliminating your spam backlinks off the...

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The Order Of The Iron Phoenix 100th Day Anniversary

The Order Of The Iron Phoenix 100th Day Anniversary

Today we celebrate the 100th day since our creation! To celebrate our first anniversary, you can use the coupon code "phoenix100" on our advertising section found at "greatermakings" to get 10,000 free pixels! The code will expire at the end of today so use it while it's hot! And pop a bottle of campaign while you’re at it :D

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How one toothpick could have changed the course of history

How one toothpick could have changed the course of history

Just a Damn toothpick. One damn toothpick! Although this may come as a surprise, there is one damming piece of history that could have changed the world. Would this have been a better world? Probably not. But we will make this very easy to follow and understand.   -Let’s rewind to 1258 A.D.- In 1012 A.D. there was a noble Swedish family from the province of Östergötland. This notable family suffered from a history of dental issues. These oral diseases led to a weakening of the gum line. When accumulated, this resulted in tooth loss. And on a fateful day in 1022 AD, the lord of Östergötland was chewing on a piece of bad fish. Suddenly, the great lord’s teeth all just fell out. At the time, Sweden had no breakthrough studies in recreating lost teeth or dentures.  Simultaneously, a woodworker in Sandwich, England was finished creating the first wooden denture. By...

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Win a free car 2012!

This is what 2 lucky winners will receive!   As of 03/20/2012, we are officially announcing a contest! If you like us on twitter here and on Facebook here,you will be automatically entered into a contest to win a brand new Honda civic. The threshold stands as follows:   1/500,000 for facebook   1/100,000 for twitter   Good luck everyone and know this: the spinner we are going to be using is not bias in the least (The Destiny Spinner)! Anyone entering with multiple accounts will be removed from the contest. We wish you all the best of luck! Also note: you will be able to choose the colour of your new civic. Nothing is set in stone. The contest ends when we reach the thresholds!   The social links can also be found if you look above ^  

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13 January 2019
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