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Tog II

We already told you about the maus, the e-100, the lowe and the t28/95 , but today we will talk about a super-heavy tank that would have put devastating amounts of fears into the hearts of people prior to world war II-- too bad it was built during world war II -_-. Today we are talking about a British super-heavy tank project , which obviously reflected their archaic concept of "trench warfare" in an era of fast movement and air superiority. Starting back in early 1941, the Tog II super heavy tank was ordered by numerous branches of allied armed forces (following the success *cough* of the tog I). The tog II was designed to literally topple all enemy tanks in length , although the width was rather average. In fact, the tog was the 4th largest tank prototype ever built in history. The only other competitors were the Russian twin turreted...
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