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Togo Pirate attack on chemical transport ship results in firefight

A merchant chemical carrier was attacked by a group of pirates only three miles off the coast of Togo. Upon identifying the approaching vessel as "potentially dangerous" , the crew of the chemical carrier raised the alarm, and began to move in "full motion".As the attempt to flee seemed futile , as the larger chemical carrier couldn't exactly outmaneuver a speedboat , the local Togo "navy" or maybe coast guard (information about exact entity withheld) intervened [responding to the distress call].A brazen firefight erupted , pinning the Togo sea protection vessel against the pirate vessel. The pirate vessel was nearly obliterated, taking crippling damage to the side lower hull and rear, although it was not scuttled.Traces of human blood in the aftermath indicate the possibility of excessive damage caused to the pirates. As of now, nobody other than the pirates were injured. Small bullet holes and  minor rpg damage was sustained...
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