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The best gaming laptops of 2012!

We will be the first people this year to give you the lowdown of the greatest gaming laptops of the year! We have rigorously tested three primary creators for this trial. We have excluded asus after confirming hardware failure in their "republic of gamers" laptops. Out of the remaining three, we found dell and toshiba both shone in the department of gaming laptops! So, we decided to numerically put down the three best laptops so you know what to expect!#3) Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7384 17.3-Inch Gaming LaptopThe Toshiba Qosmio series is absolutely amazing. Here, we were actually very surprised at the fact that something with an nvidia dual hybrid 1.5gb graphics card (capable of adding more memory to the gpu through the ram [up to 6 gigs]) cost so little. The pricetag is significantly under 2000$, in fact if you order it from the link below ^, you will save 200$ off...
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