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Transgender Jamaican killed

Sixteen year old "Dwayne Jones" was murdered today in Jamaica. Eye witness reports claim that Jones, a 16 ear old transgender man turned woman was violently stabbed, shot and run over by twelve cars after attending a "strait party" as his female alter ego.Accordingly, the boy dropped out at age 14 because his peers couldn't stand his devious behavior. On occasion , his own father tossed him out of the house (permanently) and helped fellow neighborhood boys beat Dwayne with sticks.Jones lived with four other transgender males, all of whom lamented at his loss. One claimed that seeing the body was "shocking and sickening". In a country like Jamaica, the tolerance for this type of behavior is below zero , especially when it's proudly displayed in public.Nevertheless, this is a tragedy that could have been avoided had the boy kept his fantasies to himself. Whoever killed him clearly took the wrong...
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