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550 pound bomb found in German construction site

Do you remember how back in early 2011 two bombs were removed from the river Rhine? Or perhaps you remember when we first started our website, we told you about how we would cover the whole Olympic Summer Games 2012 and how there was a German bomb from world war II in the stadium construction site ? Well, another bomb was found, yesterday the 550 lb mark VIII bomb was  found under the soil of some building foundation in the shopping capitol of the world : Munich, Germany.  An old relic sent over by the RAF or USAF some 60 years ago. The bomb posed such a threat that thousands were evacuated from the city, like a herd of sheep. Luckily the bomb was successfully defused, and nobody was hurt. But, it is unfortunate to see the longer lasting impacts of war on the environment. We hope this will be the...
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