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United States withdraws troops from Europe

Recently, the United States government and the combined board of military leaders (allied) has announced that U.S troops, who have been in Europe for 80 something years now, will be withdrawn back to the United States. There are currently about 80,000 United States troops in Europe. The government has predicted that having this many men in stable countries would simply be "too costly" to uphold. In addition to costs, most of the troops stationed in Europe end up being moved to the Middle East or Asia anyways, so keeping them there at the moment seems to be completely useless (other than as a midpoint). As of July 1st, an estimated 7,000 troops will be withdrawn. The US will then reposition these troops in parts of Asia, South America and Africa where they "are needed". The other 70k will eventually also be moved. Although no known deadline for this move exists, we...
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