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China And USA will deal with North Korea peacefully

China, the country that prompted the creation of North Korea ,after it's own post ww2 communist revolution , has stepped up today and dedicated itself to disarming North Korea of it's nuclear weapons peacefully.The United States' own senator Kerry met with consul Yang Jiechi , who acts as the secretary of state of china (international relations).  The two men discussed the most current issue in the easter Asian region : the two Koreas.Appropriately , China has promised to help keep it's ally , North Korea from utter destruction by taking and deporting all North Korean nuclear weapons. This would reach a diplomatic solution and end this "gathering tempest" in one swift and righteous move.If we think about it like a game of chess, north Korea would now have a king in between two kings, no matter where they move, they will be in check.Since china is still North Koreas ultimate supplier...
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