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Angler Fish

Today, we decided to tell you about a very odd animal: the anglerfish. This bony , and quite ugly, yet strangely attractive fish lives in the murkiest depths of the seven seas.  It's a stunningly different type of fish compared to what you may imagine, it usually has a small , glow-in-the-dark organ hanging above it's head. It uses this to lure other fish in, and then swallows them whole with it's shark-like mouth. AnglerfishAnglerfish are extensively carnivorous. They eat pretty much anything that lives underwater, and if your lucky, the next time you go scuba diving, one might bite you. Just remember, no matter how shiny the organ on it's head is, it's bite is like that of a shark or small crocodile, it can bite a finger clean off any man. So don't be too attracted to the light-bulb above it's head, simply leave it alone (give it some...
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