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The crazy future of contact lenses

If you even for a second sat down and wondered "how do contact lenses work" , well, you have simply asked the noobiest question on earth. The reason being is because contact lenses might seem like they are only created to help people see better, but that is completely irrelevant to what we just recently read, saw and watched.First, as a mark of good measure, all images you are about to see are properties of, we will simply show you ones that are available to the general public.Just as a bit of background, this is a concept called "coolviue 2020" , they are created as normal lenses, that change from day vision, to dimmed vision in extreme light, to night vision in the nighttime.They are capable of tracking people's faces , much like crimelab technology, or facebook image recognition software, this then goes through a database of known people, allowing...
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