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vk3601h -Henschel-

In 1942, the panzer4 medium tank no longer cut it for the German army. As such , all assemblies had to move forward, pushing out innovation after innovation every year. Amongs these came the vk3000 (medium) series , as oppose to the 1000 light and 4000 heavy series.Of these , three heavy contenders came about , it is still very difficult to understand why none of these base models went into circulation. These were two Henschel models , and one Porsche model.The Porsche model was too difficult to build, and at that time being resourceful was important. It was not garbage in the least , but it was probably not a popular design (reference vk3001p).Henschel on the other hand created two vk series tanks that would both become very popular. The second of these was the vk3601 h , which was a revolutionary move towards a heavier tank. Vk3601HThis tank was...
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