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Three best free apps for iphone 2013

Apps can have a variety of functions , effectively removing the need for having hundreds of individual devices. I know for a fact that my iphone go rid of my radio, mp3 player, alarm clock, timer, watch and so much more. So today, I will share with you three of my personal favorite free apps, these are functional and fun. Make sure to click the images to check out the apps yourself!Coming in at number one: a free voice guided GPS! That's right, why waste 100$ on a GPS when you can get one absolutely free? Thats right, people! A voice operated, precise GPS. Once you get the hang of it, it really is pretty freaking awesome. My only problem with this app is that unless you change preferences to avoid toll bridges and pikes, it will take you there every bloody time! What it does is: calculate traffic on each...
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