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Man Hacks Walmart

So some guy named Darnell (or that was his alter ego was) simply strolled into a WalMart in Canada, pretended to be a businessman, made friends with the manager, and had him give away all of his secret information. National Hackathon Members Courtesy of CNN Luckily, this so called "Darnell" was just another member of the hacking Olympics or the international "hackathon" where hackers break through various "secure" computer hub networks and show off in front of their fellow hackers at whom has the best hax.Anyways, this exploit was actually praised because he simply did it to show "he could". He never damaged anything, and people like him are praised for pointing out flaws in even the most powerful corporate computers in the world.Hacking has become a real threat in the past years, so something like this is not unheard of.
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