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Top 5 most dangerous jobs

man dying In today's world , jobs have been made much safer, working conditions have been improved, and people are generally not afraid to go to work , for fear of losing their lives.So to commemorate our safe work environments, we have decided to rate the top 5 most dangerous jobs of all time, we did put a ton of consideration into this , so please appreciate our efforts. logger killedWhat is a job that has had over 30% fatality rates since the creation of man? Professional loggers! Thats right, more than 30% of all people that have been "professional loggers" have been mowed down by falling timbers. This should give you a new found respect for lumberjacks , they serve to keep you warm! Without them, your house wouldn't exist! , and yet even today, it is one of the riskiest jobs in the western world , fatality rates in 2012...
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