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Why does the American school system suck so bad?

murica fvck yeah!You know what has always puzzled us? We have always wondered "why is it that the American school system is so far behind that of Europe?". Well, after about one year of reading journals published by prominent economists, and leaders of coalitions for education , we have an answer.This answer is not very easy to understand unless you understand how America shifted it's political ideology following the war in Vietnam.Well, in order to completely get rid of any sort of feeling of school being government controlled (as was the case in Europe and the soviet union -our arch enemy?-) , we privatized sectors , most schools these days, although federally funded, are privately owned.Now this sounds radical, we know, but we will explain why this is, and how it is hurting this country. Furthermore, and quite off topic, who the f@#% can reverse this? ---> Imagine this: oh yeah, coffee...
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