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The Disadvantages Of Using Nuclear Technology

The Disadvantages Of Using Nuclear Technology
On a fateful day near the end of the greatest war the world has ever seen, something new arose. This new system could create virtually unlimited amounts of energy from virtually nothing. This was the dawn of the nuclear era.Nobody in the early 1900's could have possibly imagined that people would be breaking apart sub-molecular particles and using them to destroy cities on a widespread campaign of death and destruction. But, by some miraculous chance (as fate would have it), the impossible and unimaginable became reality.In today's hyped up and modern world, you may believe that nuclear energy doesn't concern you, you may even believe that nuclear energy is not around you, but rather that it is hidden somewhere far away in the deserts of Arizona. You would, unfortunately, be DEAD wrong. 20% of this entire country's power is generated at one of our 103 running nuclear reactors. These stretch from...
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