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Electric Violin V.S. A Traditional Violin

Electric Violin V.S. A Traditional Violin
There are millions of people in the world that have probably played the violin at some point in their lives. The violin is indeed perhaps one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. It has not changed much in the past 300 years. But recently a modified version of the instrument has been released (by recently we do mean 10 years). A new era in violin playing has arisen with the advent of the electric violin. So today, we have decided to share our insight with you about two different models that we simply adore. The first model is a traditional violin in the sense that it is a wooden bodied, wooden bridged violin. We have tuned this one ourselves hundreds of times and it still works like a charm, the pegs are a bit worn, but the quality of the instrument is still unique. The second is a more...
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