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Saturday, July 28th Olympic Schedule

So , the schedule is as follows today:   Soccer/Football 4:00-9:00 (am) eastern time   USA VS Colombia  (womens) Brazil V.S. New Zealand(womens)  France V.S. North Korea (womens) Evening Matches (post 5:00 pm) et  Japan V.S. Sweden (womens)  Canada V.S. South Africa  Great Britain V.S. Cameroon Women's Volleyball: China V.S. Serbia (between 4 and 9) Usa vs South Korea Men's: Great Britain vs. Canada USA vs. South Africa Basketball China vs. Czech Republic  Canada vs. Russia Turkey vs. Angola USA vs. Croatia Brazil vs. France Australia vs. Great Britain Handball: Denmark V.S. Sweden (women's) Others will include archery, fencing, tennis, about four cycling races starting from 5 am and going until the end of the day, And much much more, stay tuned.        
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