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The banana contradicts popular belief

Banana Banana

Ok so do you remember when you were just a child and you had your first banana? It probably tasted pretty damn good right? Then you got to college and bananas remind you of something else? Something like this:

So, you probably are thinking "gee this thing is perfect for reproducing". I mean honestly, how can something like that not be full of seeds right? Well you would be DEAD WRONG. So, the sad reality is that the banana is poor at reproducing. With nearly 75% of all bananas being consumed before they reach the ground, the chances for success already are about 25%. Let’s also bear in mind that the banana is high in natural sugar, which decompose very quickly. Usually any leftover banana seeds decompose with the fruit or are eaten by scavengers. And have you wondered what a banana seed looks like? Well, it's one of those pesky macroscopic black dots you see when you cut a banana in half vertically. Yes, it's very sad to know that the sexiest fruit in the world may be going extinct. But what in nature wouldn't want a bite of such a sweet and curvy fruit?

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