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When you should switch from shared hosting to vps hosting , and where to get the cheapest (high quality) vps hosting!

We all now that when your website expands it's capabilities, you begin to grow your presence. More often than not, you might realize that shared hosts don't allow you to upload functional extensions like ffmpeg and flv2 tools, along with imagemagick (for online editing and meme generators). This is motivation enough to switch to something where you have more control over matters.

vps server vps server

Another issue might be disk space , there are ffmpeg hosts that offer "shared hosting solutions" , but you will quickly run out of those tiny 5 GB they allocate you. Not to mention you still have less than half a gigabyte of burst RAM at any given moment. Going past this will automatically suspend your account for a few seconds , causing (your conversion maybe) your work to go down the drain.

You might also simply have a blog or something that is getting tons of traffic, this will give you that annoying "too many page requests flood" error we all fear, shutting your entire dynamic website down for a few minutes (potentially losing you interested customers).

Well let me just tell you that you don't need to suffer in silence , there is a very simple and affordable alternative to shared hosting! This, of course, is called "VPS" or virtual private server.

Now, on a VPS , you still do share a server with some other people, but depending on your specifications, you are allocated significantly more ram, more bandwidth, dedicated ip addresses and the freedom to install anything you want on your server.

In a world where video sharing has skyrocketed , sometimes things like youtube have too many restrictions , perhaps you want to host your videos yourself like BBC or ABC does. Not only does this give you control , but you can also monetize your own videos on your own website, eliminating the need to comply with adsence policy like on youtube to make any money from your videos (because there is diversity in ad networks).

Well anyways, since you made it here, you probably want to know why you should switch to VPS and not a dedicated server. You probably also want the cheapest price available , and also the easiest way to manage things.

Now allow me to explain that on average, most plans will range from 10$/month (super cheap and little resources) to well over 100$ a month (for serious websites). The cheap packages are usually only double the power of a shared host, but keep in mind that there are limitations on disk space, bandwidth, RAM and so on.

Although the cheap things are better for small blogs , small business sites and so on , large amounts of traffic(visitors) will pretty much crush any advantages you have over shared hosting , because quite frankly, your bandwidth won't be as large.

Generally speaking, the safest place to start would be a tier 3 package , where you get something like 20 GB of disk (thats a ton for a few php files) , 2-3GB of RAM (again a ton) and about a 20-30 mbps connection. This would be about 20-30$/month , and quite frankly this is the best option for anyone new to VPS , you can even use your server to host minecraft privates servers, teamspeak clients and ventrilo clients alongside your website content (again, the freedom to do what you want).

But the problem for most of us , is of-course the price. We aren't all exactly making more than a penny per day from ad networks (sigh). Although, we did write a pretty neat tutorial on how you could possibly make millions from adsence here : "how to make one million dollars from adsence" -- this is only a theory but it could be worth looking into.

Now, we know that on average the highest tier package on godaddy and hostgator is abysmal. You have to pay 2000$ every 12 months to get something like 50 gb of disk space and 6gb of ram, with a 50 mbps connection.

But there are alternatives , the best of these to our knowledge is hosting24 . These people offer vps with 8gb of ram, 8 ip addresses 80 gb of space and 100mbps dedicated connection for far less. This "ultimate tier plan" is about 119$/month to start with , but unlike godaddy an hostgator, support and server maintenance is absolutely free (no add 20$/month for tech support).

This is actually the cheapest way to get some of the best VPS on the web, you might also want to consider installing a website manager like cpanel (please buy the cheap 5$/month user license), just to make your life easier.

No if you're already set up and ready to try VPS, you can use the coupon code "phoenix100" to get an additional 20% off any plan , that means that for 12 months you would pay a bit over 1000$ on the ultimate package! And remember, the coupon works on absolutely any package as long as you buy the 12 month subscription. You can start small and upgrade when you deem it necessary , this is all pretty easy, and anything you don't understand has millions of tutorial online, just google them ;)

vps server large vps server large

So do yourself a favor check out hosting24 here : "" -- make sure to hit the "vps button" above.
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