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Will The End Of The World Simply Be The End Of Mexico?

Will The End Of The World Simply Be The End Of Mexico?

So, as you may all know, near the end of the year two thousand and twelve of our lord, the world will be destroyed and recreated again (as theorized). We are not talking about Nostradamus (because his account places it years after 2012), we are talking about the Mayan prophesy. Yes, the thousand-year old doomsday calendar that somehow ends near the end of this year!


Let’s just say that the Maya people predicted everything correctly, as we can confirm that they have marked out constellations and geographical shifts/events to the preciseness of one day. Scientists are baffled at the accuracy of this calendar, and it really stuns us the more we personally read about it.

So, let’s say that because it simply ends near the end of 2012, the world will be destroyed (and the guy writing the calendar didn't just get lazy and sleep on the job). But this raises a VERY interesting question: What is the world to the Maya?

The background evidence shows us that when Spanish Conquistadors entered the Maya empire in 1511 A.D, the Maya did not anticipate them. It's also quite evident that less than one thousand men of the Spanish crown brought down a multi-million man empire.
So why is this so significant?

Well, simply because this proves that the Maya did not have the bloodiest clue about the rest of the world (conspiracy theorists argue that Maya people actually did and educated the Chinese blah blah). So, let’s continue on the note that the Maya are right and the world will end -their world-.

noov 300x195A rough estimate of where the Maya empire was

So as mentioned before, their world is their empire right? And their [the Mayan] calendar was specific for their empire (or so the facts would tell us). So, does that mean that Mexico, Guatemala and other Central American countries might be the only ones destroyed? It's a very silly thing to think about, but, think about it! After all, if they did not know of the Europeans, how could they predict the fate of the entire world? Perhaps they could only predict their own.

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