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Windows 8 : failure before release?

Windows 8, the newest operating system created by the monopolizer of the computer world, promises to bring innovation, ease of use and much more to their newest operating system.

As with everything before, windows 8 will come equipped with new (mostly useless) features, and the typical flashy , attractive designs most of us have long adored.

But the major issue with Windows 8 is quite rather that it is a recycled concept from the windows mobile os, where the only innovation is being able to scroll through a sort of "iphone copy" type interface through a touchscreen.

Now, if you have a touchscreen , good for you, but to 99% of us, 1400$ for a touch monitor is a bit out of reach.  This is the first strike against windows.

The second strike is the removal of the beloved desktop, start button and the masking of the command prompt. Yes, windows 8 is visually appealing, but  it seems that it sacrifices functionality for looks. This really puts a scratch in it's fanbase, simply because we want functionality, if we wanted appeal, we would have went to ios long long ago.

And the final strike? Upon installing windows 8, it is not like the upgrade from vista or xp to 7, everything is erased. You will literally be reformatting with the upgrade disk, have fun spending 200$ on this os, we personally will stick to windows 7, much like we stayed with xp when vista came out.

Windows 8 Windows 8

In light of everything stated above, who would want a windows 8 powered tablet over an ipad? Post your comments below :)


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