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10 December 2012
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We all look to America as the leader in the first world, and yet, some things seem very strange on the global market. One of these that can no longer be ignored is American sensitivity.We are writing ...
16 July 2012
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Ok, so this is going to all come from personal experiences. Yes, I'm going to write about my boring old life today, and although you may not care to read this, I want to make a VERY valid point.The sc...
04 April 2013
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Its a horrible day today, we know, so why don't you match monsters instead of jerking off?Don't want to sign up? Use username:username and password: password...
20 February 2013
The playstation 4 has finally been "officially" confirmed by sony. The project will be headed by Mark Cerny in North America, and promises to be more epic than the playstation 3. Now we just need to k...
24 June 2013
One of our grandest fears is the fear of falling. We all usually have a thirst for the thrill of falling, thats why we have amusement park rides that mimic this action, but few of us would take the ri...

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14 November 2018
In a little-known fact that appeared on my desk today as a "trending topic", I was shocked to discover an inquiry regarding the edibility of camel manure.Now I usually don't take such things seriously, having been around for over 7 years, I am used t...
12 November 2018
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Accruing Debts: ​ Accruing debts in college is easy. You apply for financial aid through a FAFSA form, you are guaranteed (practically) approval, now you either get or do not get your degree. When you are young that 30,000, 50,000, or ev...
31 October 2018
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Contradiction! Yesterday, the official announcements and, dare I say, rumors hinted that James Whitey Bulger, the 89-year-old infamous Boston mob boss died of natural causes. In stark contrast, the official press conference by prison officials ...
30 October 2018
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 Hello, fallout fans! Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the fallout 76 beta to go live. Well, luckily for us it is about to happen in exactly two hours from this post!That's right, Fallout 76 is launching its extensive beta to everyone that pre...
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