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  4. Thursday, 15 November 2012
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Hello people, although I wish there were more than just three of you, I will share a few links from this website that might interest anyone, really. Note: this is a community, this isn't all about cthulhu :P
So let us begin:

First, back in the day, in our infant years, we made a project called"relax" a simple mix of white noise and music chosen specially to match each season of the year, check it out here : RELAX. Feel free to scroll through the seasons :kiss:
Then, we later created the destiny spinner, a tool that can be used for making decisions for you, it's a rather odd concept, feel free to check it out here: DESTINY SPINNER

Ugh.... will add more as we make more :)
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The links listed on this post will be updated following the migration scheduled to take place over the course of the next few months. Thank you :)
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